Novelist & Prem #OnLocation – Interview & Performance – Channel ALT x Axel Arigato

- London, UK - 02/10/2018

Novelist & Prem #OnLocation Debut - Interview & Performance - Channel ALT x Axel Arigato - GRIME

Presented by CassKidd, Novelist and Prem make their #OnLocation debut.

Channel ALT, an alternative music platform created and established in 2015 by UK Music Producer & DJ, CassKidd has linked up with stores around the UK to create #OnLocation.

A fresh, unique performance series showcasing selected artist through an exclusive space.

In the interview, CassKidd sits down with South London Lewisham MC, Novelist to discuss the patience behind his debut album ‘Novelist Guy’ which was released earlier this year, he’s relationship with god and advice for new artist.

Lastly Channel ALT are joined by London Artist & Producer, PREM who is also he’s older brother. The group discuss music, passion and collaborations with an exclusive performance from Novelist himself.

When asked why the album took so long he explains how the timing wasn’t right. During the earlier stages of his career the idea wasn’t always there but with clear focus, many years performing and ultimately he’s inspiration from god he was ready to release the album.

Despite the many anticipated fans and numerous cosigns Novelist remains calm rather than pressured to release new music. He quotes “Gods timing surpasses pressure” and explains how what he’s doing right now makes sense.

Novelist & Prem #OnLocation Debut - Interview & Performance - Channel ALT x Axel Arigato - GRIMENovelist & Prem #OnLocation Debut - Interview & Performance - Channel ALT x Axel Arigato - GRIME

Advice for upcoming MC’s.

Novelist has continued to deliver a positive energy towards he’s work and for that he thanks god.

He encourages any upcoming MC to “Invite god into everything you do” and briefly explains how he feels it is vain to look at the beauty of life and not look at the bigger picture.

“Stick to what your doing”. In the simplest form as many would agree, no artist should loose focus from their own ability. Always stay inspired but don’t let the buzz circulating other individuals make you change what you do. “If you really believe in it and love it, stick to it”.

Quotes like this really highlight the perspective he has. With an exciting career ahead of him its clear the dedication Novelist brings is about to grow much further.

Watch the interview in full and continue reading below:

PREM & Novelist talk losing music, collaborations & more:

As brothers, PREM and Novelist share great passion in each others music and have both created projects together.

PREM talks on how they influence one another and shares the experience using separate rooms to produce work. Whilst maintaining individual names PREM & NovelistPREM describes, being up all night working on a project then the next day somehow the file is corrupted.

With inspirations and as shown in the interview they are both yet to show their finest work. Watch the interview below and exclusive performance of Novelist Rambo Freestyle produced by PREM below.

Novelist – Rambo Freestyle (Prod. PREM) / Axel Arigato #OnLocation

Novelist - Performance - Channel ALT X Axel Arigato

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