SBK #SBK EP – Grime culture & the rise of a younger generation!

- Hertfordshire, UK - 04/10/2018

SBK #SBK EP - Grime culture & the rise of a younger generation!

SBK EP (Available now!) Grime culture & the rise of a younger generation!

As our culture grows, streaming platforms are clearly taking the lead in growth which leaves most artist forced to promote new and old releases each week with a need to request comments before they actually publish it. On the other hand, 16 year old Hertfordshire MC & Producer SBK is taking a different approach to the grime scene.

With a recent release of an 8 track EP titled (SBK), this creative youngster is simply highlighting he’s ability in the easiest form. Collaborating on his debut project and Renz being the only feature, SBK brings in producers OH91, Flexerbeatz and Audio Slugs to add signature beats to the EP.

Already noted among others as the next up in grime, SBK has an exciting road ahead of him, as we enter a new year you could only guess what he plans to do next.


Straight from the start with ‘Get That Time’ produced by OH91, SBK delivers a hype, energetic introduction to the EP which you may recognize from the SBTV #LiveTrax he performed earlier this year. With reminders us of the fast-pace, deep tones grime once had. SBK shows a constant push for new music and has proven in a short period of time that he is definitely here to stay!

As you continue through the EP you will hear a collection of notable sounds SBK has created, while many will debate which relevant video style to use or which catchy hook to make next this 16 year old is grinding hard! creating an audience of hes own.

New generation!

Each track shows the mad potential he has, despite the age SBK clearly sets pace on most MC’s. Many will debate the bar complexity and chart numbers behind an artist, but SBK is the needed reminder of our cultural roots. Before we charted and way before streams broke through grime was notorious for it’s heavy bars, skippy flows and direct concepts, without the need to change his sound this versatile artist is creating noise for the younger generation.

Also on the EP released from he’s recent Tim and Barry TV appearance, produced by Flexerbeatz, SBK ads ‘The Lift’ to his 8 track collection which was one of the most notable performances the show released. Watch the video to ‘The Lift’ and find the track list to the SBK EP.

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